About Us

The mission of Blue Turtle Labs is to develop innovative, commercially competative open designs. We share detailed design information to both give hardware users confidence in design capability and to allow improvements to be made.


Our strategy is to connect a worldwide network of engineers in a system where each individual engineer's commitments can be small, but together can perform complex engineering assessments required to produce modern, comercially viable power system design. It's crowdsourcing engineering design.

Open Design

We believe that sharing knowledge benefits all of mankind. While we're developing systems for the real world, all of our design decisions are published online. The intent of this is twofold:

  1. To advance the state of the art of technology.
  2. To provide global opportunities to create and sell modern, well-designed hardware to solve real-world problems.

How to Help

Do you know about engineering design? Read our design-space wiki learn how to start contributing!